Tourist asks village mayor to silence church bells during her two-week holiday

An angry holidaymaker who wanted a lie-in has asked the mayor of the village she is staying in to delay the church bells from ringing early in the morning so that she can sleep in.

Tourist asks village mayor to silence church bells during her two-week holiday
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The woman, who is staying in the old presbytery converted into a gîte, wrote a letter to the mayor suggesting he delay the church bells morning ring while she is on her two-week holiday at Les Bondons, a small village in the rural Lozère region, Midi Libre reported.

“It's quite frankly unpleasant to be woken up at 7am every morning while we're on holiday,” the woman complained in her letter.

The mayor Francis Durand was bewildered at the request and said he has no intention of stopping the bells.

“It's a presbytery, it's close to the church, there you go,” Durand told Midi Libre. “Just like there are flies down below, and up here there are flies and roosters.”

He pointed out that even if he did want to postpone the morning bells until later, it would be too expensive.

“We would have to pay for a technician to come out here, and then they would have to come out again to put the bells back once the holidaymakers have gone,” he said. “And if we change it so that the bell rings at 9 am and the next people want them to ring at 10 am what do we do then?”

On her end, the sleep-deprived holidaymaker said that she would file a complaint against the holiday booking service she found her gîte on, on the grounds that the description did not mention the 7 am church bell wake-up call.


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  1. If the bells start ringing at 7 am like the article implies then she should consider herself lucky. We live next to the church in our village and the bells toll every hour all through the night. There’s not much point complaining about it. This is France. She’ll know better next time.

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