French village pushes teen students to ace exams with ‘pocket bonuses’

French village pushes teen students to ace exams with 'pocket bonuses'
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A municipality in northeastern France has decided to reward its best high school students with up to €80 bonuses.

The town hall of Stenay in France’s Meuse department is using the oldest trick in the book to get young people to study: bribe them. 

They’ve invited pupils at the local high schools and technical colleges who achieved good grades to present their marks at the town hall to cash in.

A distinction (méntion TB – très bien) for the French baccalaureate exams will see them pocket €80, €50 for a B and €30 for passing other lower grade college exams.

“We all agreed to encourage and value the success of our young talents in different sectors,” mayor Stéphane Perrin told local daily L’Est Republicain.

Stenay, which had a population of 2,750 in its last census in 2012, will no doubt see its teenage population cram that little bit harder for 2019’s end of year exams thanks to this crafty measure.

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