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Quiz: How well do you know your French ‘false friends’

The French language is full of words that look like their English equivalents but mean very different things. See if you know the real meaning of all these familiar sounding French words (note some are actually "real friends", in other words they have the same meaning. Can you spot them?)

Quiz: How well do you know your French 'false friends'
Beware false friends when chatting to your French friends. Photo konradbak/Depositphotos

It should be noted that most of the words we've included in the quiz have various meanings in French, but we've chosen the most common translation. 

And in a few cases the “false friends” we've used can in certain contexts mean the same as their English equivalents. Despite this, they've been included because this is not the way they are most commonly used in French and you would be very likely to attract some confused looks from those around you if you decided to use them in the same was as they are used in English. 


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