What happened to the French teen who got told off by Macron?

What happened to the French teen who got told off by Macron?
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The French teen who received a tongue-lashing from none other than President Emmanuel Macron has become the target of mocking from his peers and is apparently hiding at home after his encounter with the country's leader.
A cheeky teen who dared greet the president with a breezy “How's it going, Manu” during an official outing near Paris on Monday was left red-faced after receiving a sharp dressing-down from the 40-year-old centrist.
“No, you can't do that, no, no, no, no,” Macron told the youngster who was waiting with a group of school friends to meet him during his visit to the Mont Valerien fort near Paris, where hundreds of French Resistance members were executed during World War II.
“Sorry, Mr President,” the teenager said, looking abashed.
Unsurprisingly the exchange lit up social media with people stepping in to give their opinion on how the French president reacted. 
But it seems the teen has not been enjoying his newfound fame. 

Journalist Camille Crosnier from French publication Explicite tracked down the boy at his college and tweeted about what he's been going through since the incident, denouncing the president for his actions.  

She wrote (See below): “Hi @EmmanuelMacron and @Elysee, you know that I just saw the boy at his college and he is in a  bad way because everyone is laughing at him? He is at home and does not want to talk to anyone, he is afraid that it will hurt him for the rest of high school. Have a good day.”

She went on to tweet: “Other students have just passed by him laughing and watching the video on the internet again (it's all they've talked about since yesterday). He looks totally overwhelmed and depressed, he has locked himself up. WELL DONE.”

Crosnier said that the boy asked her, “Please, do not give my name, nothing, not my address, my city, my college, nothing. I do not want it to be a problem for me at high school. “
The journalist went on to lambaste the president for his “great public relations effort”.

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