The Bogdanoff twins: The story of France’s TV heart-throbs turned ‘freak shows’

The Bogdanoff twins: The story of France's TV heart-throbs turned 'freak shows'
Igor (R) and Grichka Bogdanoff (L). Photo: AFP
When they were young they were the heart-throbs of France's small screen but at 68, after several rounds of plastic surgery and botox, the controversial Bogdanoff twins are now just considered 'freakish' by many. France's strangest twins were back in the news this week.
Who are the Bogdanoff twins?
The fraternal twins were once considered French television heart-throbs and were massively popular during the 1980s. 
As presenters and producers, they have been the brains behind — and faces of — various television shows covering both science and science fiction, after developing an interest in astronomy as children. 
Although they were once known for their good looks, the brothers, now 68, are now barely recognisable after each undergoing a several plastic surgery procedures. 
Why are they back in the news this week?
The brothers were making headlines yet again this week after being placed under formal investigation for scamming “a vulnerable person” out of €800,000, according to Le Parisien. 
The twins, who have denied the claims, are suspected of having dazzled their target Cyrille P. with appealing artistic or scientific investments which would really have benefited themselves.
And this isn't the first time they've been in trouble with the law. 
In March, Igor was fined €1,500 for bursting into the home of his ex-girlfriend — model and biology student, 23-year-old Julie Jardon.
Jardon, who then filed a complaint against him.
Grichka Bogdanoff came out in defense of his twin at time, explaining in an interview with Closer magazine that his brother has a passionate temperament. 
Julie Jardon and Igor Bogdanoff Photo: AFP
“He is sometimes too intense when switching from love to friendship. He is a passionate character and sometimes it results in fiery behaviour.”
Hasn't there been even more controversy in the past?
The twins have been involved in several controversies during their years in the spotlight. 
The most notable of these, the “Bogdanoff affair” alleged that the brothers wrote nonsensical advanced physics papers that were then published in reputable scientific journals.
Photo: Maksim/Wikicommons
The papers, which were alleged by their authors to culminate in a proposed theory for describing what occurred at the Big Bang, were accused of contributing nothing to the study of physics. 
The debate that ensued drew considerable coverage in the mainstream media.
So how much plastic surgery have they had?
In 2010 it was reported that the pair were each understood to have a number of chin and cheek implants, as well as botox and fillers. 
As a result they have regularly been called “freakish” and described as “cat people” by the media.  
Igor (R) and Grichka Bogdanoff (L). Photo: AFP 
Don't they have royal connections?
They certainly have ties with some of Europe's old noble families. 
Their grandmother who raised them was a member of the noble Kolowrat family of Bohemia who sent shock waves through European high society by getting pregnant by their grandfather — the African American tenor Roland Hayes while she was married to another man. 
On top of that, Igor was married to both Countess Ludmilla d'Oultremont and Amélie de Bourbon de Parme, the daughter of Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma.