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Classic Collections on The Local

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15 Apr, 2018 Updated Sun 15 Apr 2018 18:36 CEST
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The Local’s vast archive of content contains hundreds of articles that keep delivering reliable traffic each month.


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We have grouped this content into sector collections, allowing our clients to brand and link highly targeted and proven articles to reach the right audience.

As the owner of one of our collections, your branding will appear at the top of all of the included articles. And we will add three links in each article to drive readers to your own pages.

You will find our collections below. But if you don't see what you're looking for, talk to us about creating a content collection for your brand. With over 100,000 articles to choose from, we can produce a wide range of collections.


Classic Collections

✓ Collections curated for relevance and traffic

Collections reach 15,000 - 100,000 readers per quarter

✓ All articles carry your branding and three links to your pages

Optional extra promotion on The Local

✓ Optional managed social media promotion

✓ Full tracking and reporting



Small collection: 1,800 EUR per quarter

Medium collection: 3,600 EUR  per quarter

Large collection: 7,200 EUR  per quarter

To discuss how sponsoring a classic content collection on The Local would help your business, please contact our HQ:

The Local Europe
[email protected]
Phone: +46 (0) 8 656 6513




The collections by country

Click on a collection below to see the articles we've included (collection size in parenthesis).


Visit France Collection (L)

Move to France Collection (L)

French Food Collection (M)

Working in France Collection (M)

French Language Collection (L)

Living in France Collection (L)

French Culture and Customs Collection (L)

Paris Collection (M)

Love in France Collection (S)



Visit Germany Collection (L)

Move to Germany Collection (L)

German Food Collection (S)

Working in Germany Collection (M)

German Language Collection (M)

Living in Germany Collection (L)

German Culture and Customs Collection (L)

Berlin Collection (M)

Love in Germany Collection (S)



Visit Sweden Collection (S)

Move to Sweden Collection (M)

Swedish Food Collection (M)

Working in Sweden Collection (S)

Swedish Language Collection (M)

Living in Sweden Collection (M)

Swedish Culture and Customs Collection (S)

Stockholm Collection (M)

Love in Sweden Collection (S)



Move to Switzerland Collection (M)

Working in Switzerland Collection (S)

Living in Switzerland Collection (M)



Visit Italy Collection (M)

Move to Italy Collection (M)

Italy Food Collection (S)

Italian Language Collection (M)

Living in Italy Collection (M)

Italian Culture and Customs Collection (M)

Rome Collection (S)



Visit Spain Collection (M)

Move to Spain Collection (S)

Spanish Food Collection (S)

Living in Spain Collection (S)



Denmark Collection (S)



Austria Collection (S)


To discuss how sponsoring a classic content collection  on The Local would help your business, please contact our HQ:

The Local Europe
[email protected]
Phone: +46 (0) 8 656 6513




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