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Guest native on The Local

If you have the capacity to produce your own content, then a guest native post on The Local is a perfect way to give it an audience. The floor is yours.

Guest native on The Local

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Many of our clients already know what they want to say and how they want to say it. So guest posts allow you to engage deeply with our high-value audience in an editorial environment. Using an editorial format rather than a banner ad means you can offer your target audience great value, perhaps in the form of advice or entertainment, as the starting point of your relationship.

It's a simple process: you provide the content and tell us which segment of our valuable international audience you want to reach. Then we publish it and promote it on our relevant sites and social media channels.

A guide to Guest Native on The Local

Guest Native Content

✓ Multiple formats: Articles, Video

✓ Content copy-checked by The Local's journalists

✓ All formats branded and linked

✓ Content clearly marked as advertising

Promotion on one or multiple editions of The Local

✓ Full tracking and reporting

✓ Promotion period between 2-4 weeks



Guest native content pricing starts at:

2,000 EUR/ 2 weeks/site on our editions Sweden, Germany or France.

1,000 EUR/ 2 weeks/site on our editions of Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Denmark

Run of network guest native – contact sales.

To discuss how guest native content on The Local would help your business, please contact our HQ: The Local Europe

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +46 (0) 8 656 6513




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