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Custom native on The Local

This is the perfect collaboration between The Local and our clients.

Custom native on The Local

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Every piece of sponsored content we produce must tick two boxes: it must achieve what the client expects and it must engage our readers.

Since 2004 we have produced 150,000 articles and told hundreds of clients' stories – so we know what works.

Once the content is out there, our team will optimise continuously to drive the response you need, whether that is awareness, influence, leads or orders. As with our own news content, we apply rigorous tracking to our client editorial content. Reads, shares, time on page, % of video viewed, clicks, reach, sources – we focus on what matters to you.

Custom Native

✓ Multiple formats: Articles, Video, Podcasts

✓ Campaign kickoff to agree objectives

✓ Content produced by The Local's journalists

✓ All formats branded and linked

✓ Client sign-off before publishing

Two weeks' promotion on one or multiple editions of The Local

✓ Managed social media promotion

✓ Full tracking and reporting


Article pricing starts at 5,000 EUR 

Video pricing starts at 5,000 EUR 

Podcast pricing starts at 2,500 EUR 

To discuss how custom native content on The Local would help your business, please call our HQ:

The Local Europe

[email protected]

Phone: +46 (0) 8 656 6513



Our work for clients




Client: Cigna Global  |  Sector: Expat Insurance  |  Country: Network

Seven reasons you should have international health insurance


Client: Visit Sweden  |  Sector: Tourism  |  Country: Sweden

An interior design lover's guide to southern Sweden



 Client: Phorms Education  |  Sector: Education  |  Country: Germany

Two mindsets that can change a child's life


Client: Greenback Expat Tax Services  |  Sector: Financial Services  |  Country: Network

What's next for Americans who are behind on their taxes?



Client: Stora Enso  |  Sector: Industrial  |  Country: Network

This Nordic company wants you to wear trousers made from trees


Client: Qatar Airways  |  Sector: Travel  |  Country: Network

Why everyone should fly Qatar Airways Business Class at least once in their life



Client: Malmö Tourism  |  Sector: Regional Promotion  |  Country: Sweden

Crazy Aussie takes bone-chilling dip in Malmö


Client: Trusted Housesitters  |  Sector: Expat Services  |  Country: Network

What do expats do with their pets when they travel?


Client: Akademikernas A-kassa & Saco  |  Sector: Unions  |  Country: Sweden

Five top tips on how to maximize your Swedish career



Client: Invest Stockholm  |  Sector: Regional Promotion  |  Country: Sweden

A Woman's Place


To discuss how custom native content on The Local would help your business, please contact our sales team.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: +46 (0)8 656 5019



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