Paris Vélib’ bikes chaos: How you can now get your money back

Paris Vélib’ bikes chaos: How you can now get your money back
Photo: AFP
The Velib' bike hire scheme in Paris has been in chaos for months but disgruntled users can now get their money back.

Three months after Vélib’ changed operators, the installations of the new self-service bikes still aren’t widespread across the capital and users remain angry. 

But if you are one of the unfortunate Velib' users who have struggled to find bikes in recent months feel as though you have wasted three months’ subscription, then don't despair.

The company Autolib’ Vélib’ Métropole has opened a system whereby users can get their money back. 

“Vélib’ users that have updated their subscription will in a few days be able to ask for a refund for the first three months of 2018 on the website”, they told users in a press release.

Be sure to fill in the form before the 30th of June on the Velib’ website.

You will have to log into your account and give your bank details. Only those that have updated their accounts when the service changed operators will be able to get the refund that will b paid within 3 months.

The new Vélib’ service operator Smovengo has recently vowed to install 1,000 new Vélib’ station come the end of May.

Only around 500 are open now, and the new bikes are having technical issues so this may not be the last of your problems with Vélib’.

But there is another far better alternative to Velib…

Forget the chaos of the Paris Velib' bikes, there is a better solution

Forget the Paris bike scheme chaos, there is a better solution