New for Members: Fewer ads on The Local France

New for Members: Fewer ads on The Local France
Photo: AFP
We've been asking you what you want from The Local, and one of the most frequent replies has been that you'd like to see fewer ads. Well now, if you're a Member of The Local, we can offer you just that.
While you will still see our sponsored content and the occasional banner ad, most of the ads – including the recommended articles ('You may like') at the bottom of each article – will disappear from The Local when you are logged in.

We hope that this will enhance your experience of our site.

Of course, becoming a Member also means that you get unlimited access to our website as well as exclusive in-depth content on the issues most important to internationals in France.

Plus, you are doing a great thing by supporting our independent journalism.  

If you're not already a Member of The Local, you can sign up by clicking here. We have an introductory offer that means membership will cost just €5.99 for the first three months.