Six must-see new French films that have wowed France

Six must-see new French films that have wowed France
Photo: Screengrab Au Revoir là-haut/See You Up There
France has produced some fantastic films in recent months and the best six have been picked out by our friends at Lost in Frenchlation. These are the six films that the French themselves are all talking about.
1. Barbara:
“Barbara” is a biographical drama about the sensational 1960s French chanteuse. Uniquely done this film follows Yves Zand (Mathieu Amalric), a director enraptured with the singer, as he tries to direct a film that perfectly captures the creative essence that surrounded the late Barbara.
Zand and his actress portraying Barbara fall down a metaphorical rabbit hole as they study Barbara’s character, gestures, mannerisms, facial expressions through her music, film, and archival footage. With real images and alluring clips of Barbara weaved into the film, this national French icon can be truly honored and parallels the fascination France had for Barbara in the 1960s, making this film virtually unmissable.
2. Au-revoir là-haut:
“Au-revoir là-haut” written and directed by Albert Dupontel, with input from Pierre Lemaitre, writer of the Goncourt-winning novel this French film was adapted from. The film is an absorbing story of post-war survival and friendship about the mis-adventures of two soldiers who survived the bloody trenches.
Right as the war is ending their merciless captain, Pradelle, sends them into the trenches where Edouard Pericourt (Perez Biscayart) loses half his face but meets Maillard, a French accountant. Sticking together, these two return home where Pericourt adopts the identity of a dead corpse, hides his war sustained injuries behind fanciful masks and commits to a life with Maillard.
3. La Promesse de l'Aube:
“La Promesse de l'Aube“ introduces the intriguing mother-son relationship that dominated the incredible life of legendary French writer Romain Gary and packed with a talented and highly-acclaimed cast!
Living in 1920’s Russia, with only each other to rely on, Gray and his Russian-Jewish Mother form an extremely close, and sometimes unhealthy intense relationship. Central to their relationship is the, at times burdensome, placement of the mother’s wildest hopes and ambitions onto her son, propelling him to the greatness he ultimately achieves.
Through a heartwarming, immensely comedic film witness the mother-son relationship central to the formation of a French literary genius.
4. Le Sens de la Fête:
France’s best comedy film of 2017! Co-directed by the guys who brought you “Intouchables“, this film is sure to have you laughing out loud. Max, a French caterer and event organizer has worked on hundreds of parties, but is going to have his biggest challenge pulling off a grandiose wedding in a seventeenth century château.
Through the perspective of the various (and hilarious) event staff personalities discover if they have what it takes to pull off a magnificently huge and elegant French wedding. With disaster and chaos threatening to disrupt Max’s detailed planning, along with the highs and lows of emotions that accompany wedding days, view this film to understand the French’s unique perspective on how to really throw party.
5. 120 Battements par Minute:
2017 French Drama directed by Robin Campillo and Cannes Grand Prix winner: “120 Battements Par Minute“ follows the main characters, who are mostly HIV positive, in Act-Up Paris. Witness their public activism and private struggles as they try to urge the French Government and Pharmaceutical Companies to take immediate action on the Aids Epidemic. This film set in Paris in the early 1990’s is a pulsating portrait of what it meant to be queer in France during this time
period and is a crucial movie to watch for the history it depicts.
6. Jusqu'à la Garde:
“Jusqu’à la Garde“, a hard-hitting, scintillating drama about the realities of a family ensnared in a custody battle after a messy divorce. Not only did this film compete at the 74th Venice Film festival but it won the prestigious Silver Lion award!
To protect her son from her abusive ex-husband, Miriam will turn towards the France Judicial system and enter into a taxing custody battle. When shared custody is granted, a manipulative game of tug-of-war will ensue over the son, leaving viewers sitting anxiously on the edge of their seats. Unable to find this French Film with English subtitles? Lost In Frenchlation will have a screening featuring this film on Friday the 23rd of March at Studio 28 in Paris, France.
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