VIDEO: Why’s a Eurostar train been abandoned in a forest in France?

Eurostar passengers have complained of being abandoned in the past, but spare a thought for this train, seemingly left disowned and disavowed in a forest in northern France, but still fairly intact.

It's almost like a scene out of the zombie series The Walking Dead.

The video of the abandoned Eurostar 3018 train which has been viewed more than 1.3 million times, was filmed by a so-called urban explorer named who goes by the name of “AdcaZz”.

“I have never seen anything like that before,” he told France 3. “It's impressive to see. And the inside of the train is almost intact. You get the impression people just left it suddenly.”

He did not reveal the exact location other than to say it's in a forest near Valenciennes in northern France, not far from the Belgium border.

Even if vandals have spent a fair amount of time in the train's company the images show that most of the train has been left fairly untouched, with magazines and newspapers still in their racks and lying on tables as though their readers have just popped to the toilet.

Seats are still in their place and the driver's cabin almost looks as though it's still functional. The train still has its 13 carriages and two buffet cars where there snack bars are located.

The YouTuber behind the video AdcaZz laments the fact that “there are so many things on the train that can be reused”.

For their part Eurostar say the train has been “put in storage” since 2016 and “is in the process of being dismantled”.

The firm says it's not abandoned just “waiting” to be stripped down.

A nearby company is apparently in charge of the train's dismantling but obviously can't find space for the 400 metre long train on their site. According to France 3 they are “overwhelmed” with work.

A situation AdcaZz is not pleased about.

“This train should be dismantled in a warehouse and not abandoned in a forest,” he said, adding that his video was aimed at highlighting the issue.