What changes for life in France from March 2018

What changes for life in France from March 2018
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The beginning of the month signals a new raft of changes in France - and some may even leave you better off, if ever so slightly. Here's what you need to know.
From March 1st  the price of a packet of cigarettes will go up by an average of one euro in France. 
That means smokers will be paying about €8 for a packet of cigarettes.  
This is set to go up to €10 before the end of French President Emmanuel Macron's first term in power. 
As the price of cigarettes goes up, the price of gas goes down. 
From March 1st energy company Engie's gas tarifs will go down by up to 3 percent compared to February's rate. 
For those who use gas for cooking the decrease will be 1 percent, while for people who use gas for cooking and hot water that drop will be 1.8 percent. 
Meanwhile the price drop will be best for those who use gas to heat their homes, with a decline of 3 percent. 
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Airbnb in Bordeaux
Bordeaux in the south west of France is about to be the second French city to experience the roll out of new rules regarding online apartment rentals. 
From March 1st anyone renting out a property in Bordeaux on an online rental platform like Airbnb will have to first register it with the authorities.
The new rule targets landlords flouting France's 120-day legal limit set for renting out primary residences. 
If they want to rent their apartment out for longer than the legal limit, owners will have to declare their property as a commercial enterprise.
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Bordeaux. Photo: AFP
Anti-pollution stickers
The price of Crit'Air stickers, which show how old/polluting your car is, will drop by 59 centimes in March. 
Obligatory in French cities including Paris and Grenoble, the anti-pollution stickers will cost €3.11 instead of  €3.70.
Since they were introduced in January 2017, the stickers has been issued to more than 9.5 million motorists, according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity.
Drivers in parts of France now face €68 fines if they don't have this car sticker
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Clocks go forward
And finally, don't forget to move your clocks one hour forward on Sunday March 25th when Daylight Saving Time officially starts in France. 
Ok, it might mean one hour less in bed but it's all for a good cause.