These companies are set to be the biggest recruiters in France in 2018

These companies are set to be the biggest recruiters in France in 2018
Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created in France in 2018 and a new survey reveals which companies will be recruiting the most.

The French economy is on the up.

Recent figures revealed that it grew at its fastest rate in 10 years in 2017 and the growth spurt looks set to continue in 2018.

And that means it's good news on the job front.

A new study complied by Le Figaro newspaper has revealed companies from the country's biggest to small and medium sized firms as well as startups will be recruiting for all kinds of positions this year. And most sectors, whether banking, transport, industry or the restaurant trade are covered.

In all, some 407 companies revealed their recruitment plans for the year which add up to a total of 409,646 full time jobs, including over 100,000 management positions.

And 2018's champion recruiter will be the American fast food chain McDonald's.

The burger giant plans to hire 32,000 staff this year at its 1,400 outlets in France. But only 205 of those jobs will be management positions or “cadres” as they are referred to in France.

In silver medal position comes France's state rail operator SNCF which plans to recruit 30,000 staff. Sharing third position are French luxury brand LVMH, which includes the likes of Louis Vuitton and Hennessy, as well as the bank Credit Agricole.

In fourth position was the group Armonia which provides security staff, secretaries and other roles in business.

Another fast food chain also made the top 10, with Burger King/Quick ranked fifth with its plans to recruit 11,000 staff.

The table below, put together by BFM TV shows the full top 10.

Some of France's biggest companies and banks also featured in the top 20 with Vinci, BNP Paribas, Axa, Veolia Societé Générale, La Poste, Orange and Air France all planning to fill over 5,000 positions.

The survey comes as France's national data agency INSEE revealed that some 253, 5000 jobs were created in France last year – a new record.

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