The French and animals: A quarter prefer Valentine’s night with pets not lovers

The French and animals: A quarter prefer Valentine's night with pets not lovers
The French might be envied around the world for their famously romantic love lives, but according to a new poll a quarter of them would prefer to spend Valentine's night on their sofas with their pets instead of out with a partner.
If your other half is French, you might want to save your hard earned pennies this February 14th. 
According to a new poll by Groupon and Opinium Research, nearly one in four French people would prefer to spend Valentine's Day night at home with their pet rather than celebrating the 'most romantic day of the year' with their lover. 
And if you're competing with a hamster for your partner's affections then you're in real trouble. 
Apparently humans just can't compete with those tiny balls of fur, with a whopping 45 percent of hamster owners saying they'd prefer to spend a night in with their pet instead of with their partners. 
And it isn't only on Valentine's Day that the French are choosing their pets over their love lives. 
The poll also showed that 39 percent of French people find their pet funnier than their other half and 52 percent of them say their pet is more likely to cheer them up if they're feeling blue. 
For women that figure was as high as 55 percent. 
One in two French people (49 percent) even say that their pet is more affectionate than the partner or potential partner in their lives. 
And for one in five French people (21 percent), domestic animals are more reliable than a partner.
Meanwhile 36 percent of French people say they tell their pet secrets they would not share with their companion.
And pets aren't only getting in the way of the emotional side of relationships in France, with 21 percent of French people admitting that having a pet means they have less sex. 
Even single French people say that their pet interrupts their sex drive, with 23 percent of them saying they'd pass over a chance to have sex because of their pet.
The French are also 43 percent more likely to show their friends photos of their pet than photos of their partners and 47 percent have a picture of their pet as a phone background instead of their spouse.
According to the survey, 48 percent of couples aged 18-24 would prefer to send a photo of their pet sleeping or eating to their other half instead of a sexy selfie.