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Good afternoon from the City of White,

Paris was lying under a think blanket of snow on Wednesday – around 15cm thick to be precise, after the heaviest snowfall since 1987 no less.

And it caused absolute chaos to transport. Roads were blocked, drivers slept in cars, and trains and flights were cancelled. Here's all the LATEST info.

So the question everyone in France is asking is: If we knew the snow was coming, which we did… and if it was only 15cm, which it was, then why did it cause so much chaos, and should authorities have been better prepared? See link below for the answer.

How could 15cm of snow cause so much travel chaos around Paris?

But the snow wasn't all about travel chaos. On our homepage we also have videos of Parisians taking to the streets of Montmartre with their skis. We have incredible images of some of France's most famed tourist attractions like you've never seen them before and of course we have pics of Paris in the snow.

And in other news French president Emmanuel Macron has accepted Donald Trump's invitation to visit the US.


Given it's winter and given it's nearly Valentine's Day and given that France is simply full of romantic towns, we've decided to pick out a few of the best to visit while there's still a chill in the air. (Can you guess the one in the image below?)

The 15 most romantic towns to visit in France this winter

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Ben McPartland (Editor of The Local France)