VIDEO: Stunning images of Paris floods captured by drone

VIDEO: Stunning images of Paris floods captured by drone
Photo: Prefecture de Police
This video filmed by Paris police using a drone gives a stunning perspective of the flooding in the French capital.

If you wanted a new perspective on the floods in Paris then this drone video, filmed by Paris police will do just that.

The drone gets up close and personal with the Zouave, the statue of an Algerian French army soldier from the Crimean War, that has guarded the river at the Pont d'Alma bridge in central Paris since 1910 and is used as a gauge to see how high the river is.

It also soars above the barges and flooded quays alongside the river to give a bird's eye view of the soaked French capital.

The swollen Seine peaked Monday at more than four metres above its normal level, leaving a lengthy mop-up job for Parisians  after days of rising waters that have put the soggy city on alert.



The river rose to 5.84 metres (19.2 feet) early Monday, causing continued headaches for commuters as well as people living near its overflowing banks.

The Vigicrues flooding watchdog said the river would stay at its current level throughout the day before beginning to recede Tuesday.

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