French woman among stranded mountain climbers to be rescued in Pakistan

Two alpinists who went missing while attempting to climb Pakistan's second-highest mountain Nanga Parbat have been spotted and a rescue mission is to be launched on Saturday, sources said.

French woman among stranded mountain climbers to be rescued in Pakistan
Photo: AFP

Elisabeth Revol, from France, and Polish national Tomek Mackiewicz were seen through binoculars by fellow climbers at the base camp, Karim Shah, a local climber who is in contact with the base camp team told AFP.

“The military has two helicopters ready who will move four Polish mountaineers who are already on a summit on K-2 to Nanga Parbat for the rescue mission,” he said.

Shah said Revol was spotted Friday attempting to climb down while Mackiewicz appeared to be crawling due to frostbite.

“They had spent one night outside the camp and the Polish mountaineer has got frostbite and snow blindness so he is not able to climb down,” he added.

His account was confirmed by an official from the tour company that arranged the expedition.

Nanga Parbat, in northern Pakistan, is the world's ninth highest mountain at 8,125 metres.

It was nicknamed “killer mountain” after more than 30 climbers died trying to conquer it before the first successful summit in 1953.

In July last year, a Spaniard and an Argentinian were presumed dead after they went missing while trying to summit Nanga Parbat.

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VIDEO: Two children in France caught by crowd after 10-metre jump from burning building

Two brothers, three and 10, have escaped unhurt after they were forced to jump out of their third-floor apartment into the arms of waiting neighbours.

VIDEO: Two children in France caught by crowd after 10-metre jump from burning building
The incident happened in the Villeneuve area of Grenoble. Illustration photo: AFP

Sofiane and his younger brother Soleiman were both discharged from hospital on Wednesday where they, along with 17 other residents of the building in the Villeneuve area of Grenoble, had been treated for smoke inhalation following a fire on Tuesday. 



Dramatic video captured by a passer-by shows the boys appearing at the window of the third-storey apartment.

With black smoke billowing and screams from the street  below, the older boy drops his little brother into the arms of passers-by before making the jump himself.

Several of their rescuers suffered injuries to their arms, wrists and hands, but the boys escaped unscathed. 

'I closed my eyes and jumped'

10-year-old Sofiane has been hailed a hero after having the presence of mind to drop his brother into the waiting arms of the crowd.

“I was in my room watching TV when I saw the smoke coming,” he told Le Parisien newspaper.

After attempting to take refuge in the kitchen, he brought his little brother to the window to breathe.

“People at the bottom of the building were telling me to throw him. I grabbed him by his shirt and let him go.

“I wasn't scared, even though it was high. I closed my eyes and jumped.”

Both brothers are now back in the care of their family. 

Proud father

Sofiane's father Ahmed is proud of his son's courage.

“He's a hero too. He acted with great composure in a difficult situation,” he told French media.

The children had been left home alone while their mother went out with her third child to buy bread after Ahmed had already left for work.

Both parents will be questioned by police. 

Grenoble mayor Éric Piolle hailed the rescue, which he said underscored the city’s “tradition of solidarity and mutual help”.

The cause of the blaze is still unknown.