Paris: Flooded River Seine set to top 5.7 metre mark as water levels rise

The water levels of the River Seine in Paris were set to continue rising on Tuesday and look set to reach four metres above the usual level. The capital's residents have been warned to take "extreme caution".

Paris: Flooded River Seine set to top 5.7 metre mark as water levels rise
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The level of the river Seine in Paris rose from 4.57 metres on Monday to 4.82 metres by Tuesday morning and is expected to keep rising until Wednesday when it could reach 5.7 metres, almost four metres about its normal level of 2 metres.

There are some suggestions it could even pass the 6.10 metre level reached in 2016 although the record of 8.62 metres set in the famous 1910 flood should be safe for now.

The floods have caused major disruption with roads and tunnels along the river banks closed and all river traffic including cruise boats are suspended as boats are unable to pass under the bridges.

Paris police chief Michel Delpuech has told residents to “take extreme care when close to the water.” 

Authorities have advised those living on barges on the Seine to move to dry land. And restaurant barges along the river have been closed.

Parks and gardens have also been flooded. Certain underground car parks in the 12th and 13th arrondissements are also beginning to flood.

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The flood is due to days of downpours further up stream, with the flooded Marne, Yonne and Armançon rivers helping swell the waters of the Seine.

“The accumulation of rainfall is remarkable,” said the weather channel Chaine Méteo. “Last week, the equivalent of two weeks of rain has fallen in the basin that feeds the Seine and its tributaries.”

Paris is officially on Orange alert due to the floods as are the surrounding departments of Val d'Oise, Yvelines and Seine-et-Marne. That is he second highest warning level meaning the public are advised to be vigilant and avoid the edge of the water.

The level of the River Marne is worrying authorities as it continues to rise on Tuesday.

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IN PICTURES: Seine floods in Paris as France faces further storms

The River Seine has overflowed after days of torrential rain, with more forecast in the coming days and flood warnings still in place for large parts of France.

IN PICTURES: Seine floods in Paris as France faces further storms
All photos: AFP

French weather forecaster Météo France has flood warnings in place for 21 départements, largely concentrated in the south west and north east of the country.

Days of torrential rain falling onto already saturated land have seen localised flooding around the country.

In Paris the River Seine has overflowed its banks, spilling onto the quais which are normally walkways, cycle tracks and home to pop-up bars and coffee stalls.


Water began lapping over the banks of the river on Sunday and on Monday the city of Paris closed large parts of the river banks to access.

By Tuesday the quais were flooded and Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning brought further heavy rain.


Météo France's weather warnings remain in place until Thursday and people in affected areas are warning to stay away from the flood waters after  a 70-year-old man died in the northern region of Hauts-de-France after he went out to watch the river Sambre and was caught off guard by the rising water, according to French media.