Student scores video hit by matching Dunkirk archive pics with scenes from blockbuster movie

A student has scored an online hit with a video placing scenes from the blockbuster film Dunkirk alongside archive photos and film footage of the World War II evacuation of around 330,000 British and Allied soldiers.

Student scores video hit by matching Dunkirk archive pics with scenes from blockbuster movie
Photo: Screengrab Dunkirk Trailer

The six-minute film reveals how astonishingly well British director Christopher Nolan did his research for the epic movie.

Many scenes in the film that was released last summer look like they were made to be almost identical to real-life scenes in the mass rescue of the soldiers from beaches of the northern French town of Dunkirk  in 1940.

Titouan Ropert, who describes himself as an “art student, editor, cinema lover and admirer of (Danish film director) Lars Von Trier” posted his video titled C. Nolan’s Dunkirk – From Archives To Movie three weeks ago.

The Paris-based student’s movie has been viewed more than 60,000 times since then.

C. Nolan's DUNKIRK – From Archives To Movie from Titouan Ropert on Vimeo.

The Dunkirk evacuation, code-named Operation Dynamo, began after large numbers of British, Belgian and French troops were cut off and surrounded by German troops in northern France.

British navy ships and hundreds of civilian boats were used in the evacuation, which began on May 26 and lasted until June 4 1940.

Nolan’s epic recreation of the evacuation was hugely successful box-office hit but in France it was criticised for passing over the crucial role French troops played in helping save their British allies.

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French film club for English speakers returns to cinemas

Lost in Frenchlation, a film club that screens French films with English subtitles in Paris, is returning to cinemas this weekend after holding virtual screenings during lockdown.

French film club for English speakers returns to cinemas

Wednesday saw the reopening of cafés, restaurants, museums, theatres and cinemas in France since October.

This means that Lost in Frenchlation can return to cinemas, and film buffs who struggle to watch French movies without English subtitles can meet up again this weekend at the Luminor Hotel de Ville where the first screening is taking place this Sunday.

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What’s on the programme?

The first event taking place on Sunday, May 23rd is a screening of Albert Dupontel’se César awarded film “Adieu les cons” (Bye bye Morons), a comedy drama about a woman who tries to find her long-lost child with a help of a man in the middle of a burnout and a blind archivist.

On Sunday, May 30th there will be a Mother’s Day special screening of “Énorme”, comedy, starring Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen, at Club de l’Étoile in the 17th arrondissement in Paris. 

On Saturday, May 22nd, there will be a virtual screening of “Joli Mai” by Chris Marker (1963) which inspired the documentary film Le Joli Mai 2020. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Chris Marker specialist & journalist Jean-Michel Frodon.

Lost in Frenchlation is a company that sets up screenings of recent French film releases with English subtitles to give Paris’s large international community access to French culture and meet others in the same situation.

For more information, check out their website or sign up to their newsletter (link here).