IN PICS: The ten most expensive streets in Paris for property

IN PICS: The ten most expensive streets in Paris for property
Avenue Montaigne. Photo: Ralf.treinen.Wikicommons
Everyone knows investing in your own slice of the French capital will cost you an arm and a leg. But here's a countdown of the ten streets in Paris where you'll have to shell out the most for a property.

10. Avenue Elisee Reclus, 7th arrondissement


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9. Quai de Bethune, 4th arrondissement

Quai de Bethune. Photo: Elaine/Flickr 

8. Rue Guynemer, 6th arrondissement

Rue Guynemer. Photo: LPLT/Wikicommons

7. Quai d’Orleans, 4th arrondissement 

Photo: Moonik/Wikicommons

6. Rue de l’Abbaye, 6th arrondissement

Photo: Mbzt/Wikicommons

5. Quai des Orfevres, 1st arrondissement

Photo: Jebulon/Wikicommons

4. Rue Auguste Comte, 6th arrondissement

Corner of rue Auguste-Comte and avenue de l’Observatoire in Paris. Photo: LPLT/WikiCommons

3. Rue de Furstemberg, 6th arrondissement


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2. Place Dauphine, 1st arrondissement

1. Avenue Montaigne, 8th arrondissement

Photo: Ralf.treinen/Wikicommons