These 12 French universities are the best at helping you land a job

A new Times Higher Education (THE) ranking shows which universities in France produce the most employable graduates.

These 12 French universities are the best at helping you land a job
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In the survey published on Thursday, 150 institutions spanning 33 countries across the globe were ranked by top recruitment managers for graduate employability.
Featured in the annual ranking, which is in its seventh edition, are 12 French institutions in total – including six that made it into the top 50, with the École Polytechnique in the Paris suburb of Palaiseau jumping 21 places from last year’s rankings to 22nd place making it the top university in France for employability.
In total, six French universities appeared in the top 50.
Along with École Polytechnique these were HEC in Paris (23rd), EMLYON Business school in Lyon (27th), École Normale Supérieure in Paris (32nd), Mines Paris Tech (36th) and CentraleSupélec which has several campuses around France (41st). 

Students reveal French universities set to burstPhoto: MaSalleDeCoursVaCraquer/Tumblr

Other French universities included on the ranking were ESSEC Business School (70th), Sciences Po (90th), EDHEC (98th), Pierre and Marie Curie University (104th), Paris-Sud University (129th) and ESCP Europe (149th).
Overall “the relatively good” global performance of the French institutions showed that the “Grandes Ecoles” system performs well in matters of employability, said the Times Higher Education. 
Although France performed well, it didn't manage to beat the US which dominated with 35 of its institutions in the ranking and seven of them in the top ten, including usual suspects Harvard University, California Institute of Technology and Stanford University.
Simon Baker, Data Editor, Times Higher Education said: “Beyond the top 10 of Global University Employability Ranking, which has a familiar ring to it in terms of the universities represented, there is really diverse mix of countries and types of institution.
“This shows how a focus on university-industry links bears fruit for many universities and nations and may explain why institutions from countries in continental Europe are holding their places, or even moving up the table, while others, like the UK, are struggling.
“This is likely to raise concerns that the political turmoil caused by Brexit in the UK and the election of Donald Trump in the US is having an influence on these countries’ reputations.”


Police probe opened after poster campaign against ‘Islamophobic’ lecturers at French university

The French government condemned on Monday a student protest campaign targeting two university professors accused of Islamophobia, saying it could put the lecturers in danger.

Police probe opened after poster campaign against 'Islamophobic' lecturers at French university
Illustration photo: Justin Tallis/AFP

Student groups plastered posters last week on the walls of a leading political science faculty in Grenoble that likened the professors to “fascists” and named them both in a campaign backed by the UNEF student union.

Junior interior minister Marlene Schiappa said the posters and social media comments recalled the online harassment of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty last October, who was beheaded in public after being denounced online for offending Muslims.

“These are really odious acts after what happened with the decapitation of Samuel Paty who was smeared in the same way on social networks,” she said on the BFM news channel. “We can’t put up with this type of thing.”

“When something is viewed as racist or discriminatory, there’s a hierarchy where you can report these types of issues, which will speak to the professor and take action if anything is proven,” Schiappa said.

Sciences Po university, which runs the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) in Grenoble in eastern France, also condemned the campaign on Monday and has filed a criminal complaint.

An investigation has been opened into slander and property damage after the posters saying “Fascists in our lecture halls. Islamophobia kills” were found on the walls of the faculty.

One of the professors is in charge of a course called “Islam and Muslims in contemporary France” while the other is a lecturer in German who has taught at the faculty for 25 years.