France shivers under cold front as first snow of season arrives

France shivers under cold front as first snow of season arrives
Sheep feed in a snow covered field in the French Alps on Sunday. Photo: AFP
Temperatures took a dip across France on Tuesday as the first seasonal chill arrived and with it came snow on high ground. And it looked spectacular.
France's Indian summer appears to be officially over as temperatures plummeted across the country and the first snow of the season arrived in the mountains. 
On Tuesday morning much of the country awoke to a chill in the air with temperatures between 0 and -2C in central parts of the country.
While the west and the south were spared the first real frosty morning of the season the regions of Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France and Central-Val-de-Loire as well as the east of the country all experienced a drop in temperatures.
The drop in temperatures has brought with it the first snow of the season on high ground.
On Sunday night, snow returned to the French Alps, as well as Jura in the east and the Massif Central in the south, signalling the beginning of the colder weather. 
On the Chamrousse resort in Isère in the French Alps there was about 15 centimeters of snowfall (see below). 
The snow could continue until Thursday, according to Météo France.
But despite the quick turnaround in weather conditions, the winter ahead is expected to be a mild one in France.
According to the latest long-term predictions from national weather agency Météo France there was a fifty percent chance the coming months would be warmer than usual.
But the agency stressed that seasonal forecasts were highly variable, so be sure to take the tips with a pinch of salt.