Eiffel Tower ticket prices skyrocket to fund renovations

Eiffel Tower ticket prices skyrocket to fund renovations
Photo: AFP
Tourists who want to visit the French capital's most iconic monument are having to shell out almost 50 percent more for a ticket as of the beginning of November.
Tourists are now expected to dig even deeper into their pockets to visit the Eiffel Tower, with tickets to get to the top by lift costing €25 (up from €17). 
On Wednesday (November 1st) the cost of getting to the top of the Dame de fer (Iron Lady) went up by a whopping 47 percent. 
And other visitors will be paying more too.
Those who want to go to the second floor by lift are now paying €16 instead of €11. 

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Photo: AFP

And for the bravest visitors who are willing to put in the leg work to get to the second floor, tickets have gone up to €10 from €7. 
The reason behind this nearly 50 percent increase in ticket prices is the desire to find cash to fund the renovation works planned for the monument.  
A total of €300 million will be spent on the monument over 15 years, a large portion of which will go towards the construction of a bullet-proof palisade around the tower.
But while the hikes might make a day trip to the sight pricey, it remains one of the least expensive towers to visit in the world, with tickets to New York's Empire State Building costing €30 and tourists paying €87 to reach the top of the highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubaï.