Everything that changes in France in November 2017

Everything that changes in France in November 2017
Photo: AFP
The start of November on Wednesday heralds some pretty significant changes to daily life if you live in France. Read on.

Car registrations

In the past anyone who bought a car, whether new or second hand had to go to the prefecture to obtain a “carte gris”, the name given to the registration certificate.

From November 6th however buyers of cars in France MUST apply for one online by visiting this website.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Carte Gris.

Doctors visits

The cost of visiting a doctor in France will rise from November for certain patients with complex health problems or for those who require a more thorough consultation.

A visit to a general doctor will remain 25 euros but for those suffering from issues that require a more complex examination and consultation such as eating disorders, advice on contraception or asthma or neurological disorders will have to pay either 45 euros, or even 60 euros if it is judged “very complex”.

Postal deliveries

From November 19th France's La Poste will deliver packages on Sunday via its Chronopost service in 14 of the biggest cities, plus Paris and the Ile de France region. The service will be rolled out to cover all of France in 2018.

Winter truce begins

France's annual winter truce begins on Wednesday November 1st. This is not a ceasefire between politicians or between those who say pain au chocolat and their chocolatine enemies. It's a truce between landlords and tenants which means no one can be evicted until April next year, even if the owner has a court order giving them the green light.

If you want to know more about the winter truce click here.

Civil partnerships

Civil partnerships in France, known as PACS, must now be signed by the couple in the Town Hall as is the case for marriages. Previously, couples had to sign up to a civil union at the tribunal d'instance or district court. All administration relating to the PACS union, even annulling one, has been passed on to Town Halls.

Unemployment benefits for elderly residents

The time period for which over 50s can claim unemployment benefit (chomage) changes in November. Chomeurs aged 50 to 53 can claim for a maximum period of two years, while those aged 53 and 54 have two-and-a-half years, and those aged 55 and over can receive payments for three years. Previously, anyone aged 50 or more who was entitled to chomage could claim for three years.