Recipe: Beat the French butter shortage by making your own

Recipe: Beat the French butter shortage by making your own
Photo: Will Keightley/Flickr
As shops across France are finding it more and more difficult to keeps their shelves stocked with butter, why not take the matter into your own hands and make your own? Here's the recipe.
The consequences of France running out of butter could be pretty catastrophic. 
And while we aren't there quite yet, with French newspaper Le Figaro describing the shortage as “the worst since the Second World War” and supermarket shelves looking increasingly empty, it might be time to start taking matters into your own hands.
Luckily, it's really simple. Here's how:
1. Ingredients
To make unsalted butter, the only ingredient you need is whole cream (40 percent fat).
If you're making slightly salted butter, you'll also need salt crystals. 

Oh la vache: France suffers from shortage of butter

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2. Recipe
Beat the cream using an electric mixer. 
At first it will look like whipped cream but if you keep beating eventually it will reach the consistency of butter. 
This should take less than ten minutes. 
If you're using salt, add the crystals as you are whipping. 
Remove the butter and put it in a sieve, pushing it down with a spatula to ensure any excess milk is removed. 
Store the butter in a tub. 
Watch the recipe in action below. 

3. Tips
Use a stainless steel salad bowl that has been cooled in the freezer for the best results. 
Et voila! Once you've got the hang of it, you could even spread it on a tartine and sell it online like some other entrepreneurial spirits have started doing.
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