France sees big drop in unemployment rate in boost for Macron

France sees big drop in unemployment rate in boost for Macron
Photo: AFP
The number of people unemployed in France has seen a big drop, according to new government figures. The news comes amid French President Emmanuel Macron's attempts to reinvigorate the country's labour market.
Unemployment figures dropped by a massive 1.8 percent during the month of September, according to the latest figures released by the Labour Ministry's statistics office Dares.
This marks a drop of 64,800 in the number of people looking for work – the biggest fall since 2001.
That means that there are currently 3.48 million people in metropolitan France seeking work and 3.73 million in the whole of the country. 
And it's certainly good news for the government, with the sharp decrease more than making up for unemployment levels rising during July and August. 
The news comes at a time when French President Emmanuel Macron is desperately trying to get unemployment figures down, which he is attempting to achieve with a series of controversial labour reforms.
Unemployment has remained stubbornly around the 10 percent mark in recent years, but Macon has vowed to cut it to 7 percent by the end of his five year term as president.
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