The regions and towns in France that are creating the most jobs

The regions and towns in France that are creating the most jobs
A map of France, showing the old regional divisions. Photo: AFP
Not since the financial crisis of 2008 have so many jobs been created in France. A new survey has revealed the regions and the towns where jobseekers have the most hope of finding work.

A new study has revealed that the number of job offers in France has jumped by 42 percent compared to last year.

The study by RegionsJob, that was published in Le Parisien newspaper, revealed that 200,000 job offers were created in the third quarter of 2017, compared to 140,000 in the same period last year.

That means that not since the financial crisis of 2008 has France created so many vacancies.

“Since the end of 2015 there has been a real recovery of the labour market,” David Beaurepaire from RegionsJob told Le Parisien. “The trend was confirmed in 2016 and has accelerated in 2017.”

He said the upswing can be explained by “business owners gaining back confidence” as well as certain tax reforms that have “facilitated investment”.

But certain regions and towns appear to be more dynamic than others.

The region which tops the table for the most dynamic region is, unsurprisingly the greater Paris region of Île-de-France, where job offers have increased by 75 percent.

Île de France is followed by Normandy, which has seen a 59 percent increase, Brittany (57 percent), Occitanie in the south west (50 percent) and Pays de la Loire in the west (45 percent).

In terms of French cities on the move then Paris comes top with a 75 percent increase in job offers, followed by Rennes (53 percent), Strasbourg (47 percent), Bordeaux ( 46 percent), Toulouse (44 percent) and Lyon (39 percent). Lille, Marseille and Nice have also seen the number of job offers created rise, but to a lesser extent.

At the other end of the scale though is the northern region of Hauts de France and the eastern region of Grand Est, where the recovery of the labour market has been much slower.

And while France's big cities are proving dynamic enough, it is the medium sized urban areas that are struggling to create jobs.

“This shows that France is indeed running at two speeds,” said Beaurepaire.

In terms of the sectors that are recruiting the most Transport and logistics tops the table, followed by energy and environment and services to businesses.




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