Panicked Parisians angered over Netflix Eiffel Tower firework show

Panicked Parisians angered over Netflix Eiffel Tower firework show
File pic. AFP
Parisians panicked on Sunday night when the sound of enormous bangs and flashes of light filled the air around the Eiffel Tower. While many feared a new terror attack the explosion of sound and light was in fact down to American entertainment company Netflix.

Scores of people living near the famous Iron Lady took to social media on Sunday night in a panic after hearing loud detonations and seeing flashes of light.

It’s perhaps hardly surprising given recent events in the capital and the heightened terror threat.

But thankfully the sound and light show was nothing more sinister than the filming of the American series Sense 8, which is to be shown on Netflix.

Nevertheless locals were angry with authorities for not informing them of the firework show.

“Next time Paris don’t hesitate to warn us about the fireworks so we don’t think the city is being attacked again,” tweeted Mateu Maestracci, which summed up many of the messages sent to City Hall on Twitter.

Debby Yatch sent her own message to Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on Twitter.

“Anne Hidalgo it would have been nice to warn us of the firework show rather than freaking out half of Paris in the middle of he night.”

But pictures of posters put up around the area shows that it appears that authorities did at least make some effort to inform locals of what was going to happen on Sunday night. Although only in the 16th arrondissement.

Paris City Hall did accept there was “a lack of information” and that a firework show meant warnings should have been issued to residents in a much area.

The fireworks also scared a number of our own readers judging by the comments on our Facebook page.