22 photographs that will make you want to move to Brittany right now

22 photographs that will make you want to move to Brittany right now
The beautiful beach at Trégastel, Côtes d'Armor. All Photos: Jennifer Hughes.
Brittany, the stunning region on France's west coast has long attracted tourists and settlers alike. When you look at these stunning images by photographer Jennifer Hughes, who relocated to Brittany from the UK 13 years ago, you'll see why.

(Brignogan, northern Finistère.)

(The beach at Ilé Blanche, Côtes d'Armor, northern Brittany.)

(Plougasnou, Finistère)

(A Fête in the town of Morlaix)

(Morlaix Viaduct)

(The beach at Trégastel, Côtes d'Armor, northern Brittany.)

(Sunset at Trégastel, Côtes d'Armor)

(Surfing at Locquirec, Finistère)


(Sunset on the motorway out west.)

(Kite surfing at Saint-Michel-en-Grève.)

(Statues at La Vallée des Saints, Carnoët, Côtes-d'Armor.)

(Saint-Efflam, Côtes d'Armor.)

(Bathing and sailing at Trébeurden, Côtes-d'Armor)

(Plougasnou, Finistère)

(Lunch in a restaurant on the beach at Grève-Blanche)

( Lac Guerlesquin, Finistère.)

(Bikes in the town of Morlaix.)

(St Michel Reservoir, Finistère.)

(The estuary at Toul An Hery.)

(Tréguier, Côtes d'Armor)

(Forest of Huelgoat, Finistére.)

(Lac du Drennec, Finistère)

Born in South Wales, Jennifer Hughes grew up in Cardiff and relocated to France with her partner and young children 13 years ago. 

“I have always lived near the coast and I’m lucky to now live on the beautiful North Coast of Brittany. Living on the border of Côtes-d'Armor and Finistère, the area is varied with its rugged coastline and open countryside,” she tells The Local. 

“I’ve been passionate about photography since I was a teenager and living here has reignited that passion. I find it fascinating how a place, a scene, changes. There are so many factors, the weather, the light, my mood and the people around me. I try to capture the way that a place makes me feel, in that particular moment, on that day,” she adds.

You can see more of her photographs by visiting her Facebook page.

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