French property of the week: A lakeside mini château deep in rural France

If you have always dreamed of the tranquility of rural France then this lakeside château in a secluded forest in the west of the country is for you.

French property of the week: A lakeside mini château deep in rural France
Photo: Leggett Immobiliere

Where is it?

This secluded chateau is set in the heart of a forest near the village of Ferce and close to the historic town of Chateaubriant, located between the western cities of Nantes and Rennes (see map) which is just 50km away.

Chateaubriant, only 12 minutes’ drive away, is famous for its chateau which combines a large medieval castle and Renaissance Palace. Chateaubriant is also home to an 11th century church and visitors love to stroll through the medieval town centre.

(Photo: Oie Blanche/Wikicommons)

The nearest international airports are Rennes and Nantes where flights operate to most major airports in the UK including those in London, and Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. There are also direct flights to other European countries including Spain and Germany from both airports.

The Brittany port of St Malo is also under two hours away by car where there are ferry services to the UK.

How much does it cost?

A lot less than it might have done. The price for the chateau has been cut from €598,900 down to €450,000, which based on current exchange rates is around £400,000 or $530,000.

Describe the house

The chateau comes with eight hectares of land, six of which are forested. It sits within a 300 hectare Javardan forest at the end of a 1km private drive.

The chateau overlooks its own private 1,500 square-metre lake complete with a small island.

The large front door leads into the tiled hallway with the original oak stairs winding to the first floor and the doors to the remarkable Grand Salon straight ahead. To the side are the doors to, what used to be, the servants accommodation on one side and the small lounge on the other side.

The property features a grand salon with an impressive 50 squared metres (approx) of space with full height double glazed windows, oak panels and a most impressive original stone fireplace. Whilst currently a decorative feature this could be converted into a functioning open fireplace. This is the perfect banquet hall with the original wall coverings, the fireplace and the furnishings providing an amazing ambiance.

Why buy it?

Leggett Immobiliere say: “This is stunning and magical in every way. A real opportunity to get back to nature.

“It’s perfect as a family home, country retreat or as a Chambre d'Hotes. The property is in a great position to enjoy the diversity of this wonderful part of the Loire Atlantique.”

Show me the photos:

CLICK HERE for more information on the property and to contact the agents Leggett Immobiliere



EXPLAINED: France’s new rules for advertising rental properties

France is introducing new rules for private landlords from July 1st. Anyone who wants to publish a property listing will need to include certain information that wasn't required before.

EXPLAINED: France's new rules for advertising rental properties

If you are a private landlord and have a property that you want to advertise on the rental market in France, the rules on what information you need to include on the listing have been pretty vague – up until now. 

But an official ruling means that from July 1st that changes. From this date onwards, your advertisement must contain the following information:

  • Rental costs 

Monthly rental costs must be clearly mentioned on your listing. 

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  • Charges

You must include information on any charges that the tenant will incur and information on how these charges can be paid. These charges can include anything from heating costs, to a concierge service. If you want to do an official ‘état des lieux’ or inventory of the property, this costs money. If you want the tenant to cover the cost, you must mention this on the advertisement (as well as the amount). 

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  • Rent control information

If your property is in an area subject to rent control, you must include the following text in your listing: “zone soumise à encadrement des loyers“.  You must specify the minimum and maximum rental price in your area. 

You can find out if your property is in such a zone by using this simulator

  • Other  

You must include information the the deposit that will be required. You must list the commune or arrondissement where the property is located. You must also provide the surface area of the property as well as information on whether it is furnished or unfurnished. 

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The above information must appear on any advertisement – no matter what form that advertisement takes.