How you know you’re in Paris: The nineteen tell-tale signs

How you know you're in Paris: The nineteen tell-tale signs
Photo: Rodolphe Courtier/Flickr.
There are certain, in fact many give away signs that tell you exactly which city in the world you are in. For example, you know you are in Paris when...

You really know you're in Paris…

Photo: ParisSharing/Flickr

Photo: Benjamin Harrison/Flickr

(Rodolphe Courtier/Flickr)

Photo: Inga Anger/Flickr

Photo: Jeheme/Flickr

(Gary Cycles7/Flickr)

Photo: Oliver Gee

Photo: Oliver Gee

Photo: mokapest/Flickr


Photo: Brabakbengel/Flickr

Photo: jpellgen/Flickr

Photo: ParisianPostcards/Instagram

Photo: CameliaTWU/Flickr

Photo: zoetnet/Flickr

(Meg Hourihan/Flickr)

Photo: Fredrik Rubensson/Flickr

(Paul Evans/Flickr)

And finally….

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