‘World’s first’ flavoured oysters to be launched in France

'World's first' flavoured oysters to be launched in France
Photo: AFP
The French are known for their culinary history steeped in tradition. But now, a young French oyster farmer is intent on shaking things up with a new flavoured twist on the luxury mollusc.
Ever thought that oysters, while tasty, would benefit from some added flavour?
If so, French oyster farmer Joffrey Dubault, 29, who has set about giving the popular mollusc a bit of a shake up, is your man. 
His new approach sees the luxury seafood flavoured with raspberry, ginger, shallots and muscat…and other flavours  are on the way, he says. 
“It's never been done!” oyster farmer Joffrey Dubault told Le Parisien
To achieve the effect, the oysters are gathered and placed in 400-litre trays containing the chosen flavour, Dubault explained. 
“This water is filtered in a few hours, depending on the flavour. It's really a natural cycle, we don't intervene with the product at all,” he added.  
But if these aren't quite the flavours you'd like with your oysters, his business So'ooh is currently developing even more unusual perfumes for the luxury seafood, including truffle and chocolate for special occasions like Christmas and Valentine's Day. 
However the farmer says that the lemon flavour is proving hard to achieve.
“The taste isn't strong enough. But it's just a question of time!”
And Dubault has grand ambitions for his unique form of gastronomic alchemy, setting his sights on the Asian market, with Italians, Canadians, Ukrainians and Americans already approaching him. 
Unsurprisingly, not everyone in Oleron, the French island famous for its oysters where Dubault lives, is convinced of his new approach, but the farmer remains unfazed. 
“We are distinguishing ourselves and not just doing what everyone else does. People already buy flavoured water and yoghurts, and that doesn't shock anyone.”