‘Ditch the granny nighties’: Three tips on how to love like a French woman

'Ditch the granny nighties': Three tips on how to love like a French woman
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London-based French blogger Muriel Demarcus offers some tips for how to love like a like a French woman. WARNING: You might have to change your nightwear.
1. It’s not over until it’s over
French women can love and be in love at any age. Compared to our British counterparts, we never stop being and feeling loveable, while in London, it sometimes feels like women shut it down the second they become moms.
There is a lot of pressure, after becoming a mother, to become an all-sacrificing maternal figure. And if you don’t, shame on you, because you will be considered a narcissistic MILF.
But we French women don’t fall into such stereotypes because we don’t make children the centre of our universe. Truth be told, this is partly because we get a lot of help from the state: childcare is virtually free (or very cheap) and we are even offered sessions to “re-educate” the perineum.
In short, we have no excuse but to get our pre-baby mojo as fast as possible, so we do.
2. Ditch the granny nighties and the socks before going to bed
I am not saying that we women should be perfectly groomed all the time. Frankly, it would be a full-time job (at least for me).
I am just saying this: I don’t know how some British blokes manage to still fancy their partner when their wear granny nighties, socks, and sometimes hair rollers. If I were a man, it would put me off sex for a year.
It’s not a sexist comment, it’s just that if you are going to invite yourself into the life of your partner, then you need to make an effort. If in doubt, sleep naked.
3. Just relax and go with the flow
Why does everybody need so much certainty these days? Seriously, we need to learn to relax and accept a certain level of ambiguity.
If there's one thing I've learned over time, it's that nothing is ever black or white. We need to think of romance in nuances.
Here's a newsflash for you: there is no such thing as perfect love. So stop being so desperate about your happy ending and just enjoy the journey!
And seriously, when did we start setting well-defined goals for relationships? It’s such a turn-off!
It's time to start enjoying the present for what it is, settle for reality and stop craving perfection. 
Muriel Demarcus thinks there's a thing or two to learn from the way French women behave in love. 
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