Find out which French mobile network you should really join

A new interactive map lets mobile users in France find out which of the country's operators is the best for them according to where they live.

Find out which French mobile network you should really join
Photo: Arcep/Screenshot
The map – created by France's telecoms communications authority Arcep – is available online and allows mobile users to compare the coverage from the country's four big mobile operators: Orange, Bouyges, SFR and Free in the area they live.
Initially tested in the southwestern region Nouvelle Aquitaine, the map for the whole of metropolitan France was released on Monday, with the watchdog vouching for its accuracy to within 50 metres of any address in the country, reported France info.
By simply entering a location, users can compare the level of service offered by each operator, including whether it is possible to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and log on to the internet.
It's the first time a map of its kind has been made available in France and the hope is that it will shock the country's mobile operators into improving the quality of the network across the country.
Arcep's version looks a bit different to the information put online by the operators themselves which often provide a “sample coverage” of 99 percent.