Rescuers find missing South Korean climber dead on Mont Blanc

Rescuers find missing South Korean climber dead on Mont Blanc
File photo: Rescue workers on Mont Blanc
A mountain climber from South Korea has been found dead on Mont Blanc, Western Europe's highest mountain, rescuers have said.
The body of the man, 34, who had been missing since Sunday, was found on Wednesday afternoon at an altitude of 4,300m on the mountain in the French Alps. 
It wasn't until three days after the man went missing that a helicopter search – which led to the discovery of the body – could take place, due to heavy winds in the area. 
After cross-checking the descriptions of his 41-year-old climbing partner, also from South Korea, and photos of their itinerary, rescuers were able to find their temporary camp or “bivouac” where the body was found in a hole in the snow. 

Ashley Coates/Flickr
Rescue workers had already said on Tuesday that there was “very little chance” of finding the climber alive due to the unfortunate but necessary delay in sending out a helicopter.
The two friends left the Cosmiques refuge hut on Sunday and were caught in the bad weather which put them behind schedule. 
While the victim had said that he was too tired to continue, the survivor, after trying and failing to motivate his friend, left him in the shelter while he climbed the pass to escape the wind, rescuers explained to the French press
Talking of the survivor, a rescuer said: “When he called, I told him to turn around but he stayed out there the whole night and we found him in the same spot. He has amazing stamina.” 
The rescuer went on to add that the state of the victim at that point in their itinerary suggests he was suffering from the altitude and wasn't physically prepared for the challenge. 
There is currently no obligation to use a guide to climb Mont Blanc, which attracts climbers from all over the world.