Everything that changes in France from August 2017

Everything that changes in France from August 2017
Photo: AFP
As usual the start of a new month in France heralds some minor but potentially significant changes that could affect you.
Gas prices 
From August 1st, the price of gas will drop by an average of 0.8 percent, France's energy regulator (CRE) has announced. 
Those who only use gas for cooking will benefit from a price reduction of 0.3 percent, while people using it for both cooking and heating water will benefit from a reduction of 0.5 percent. 
But consumers who use it to heat their homes will benefit the most, with a 0.8 percent drop in prices. And among those, people using a small boiler room will see a drop of 1 percent in their bills.
Livret A
Anyone who is trying to save money through the Livret A accounts in France isn't likely to get rich quick.
The interest rates which have dropped to 0.75 percent will not see any change, and it will remain that way until February 1st 2018. 
Electricity prices
Following the recommendations of France's energy regulator (CRE), the price of electricity will go up for personal properties and small businesses. 
The hike is set to affect more than 27 million homes. 
Navigo pass
From August 1st people in the greater Paris region of Ile-de-France will be paying €75,20 (instead of €73) for the Navigo pass, which is used on Metro, trains and buses each month. 
The price of the “carnet” – a book of ten single fare tickets very popular with visitors to the French capital – will also be going up by 40 centimes from €14.50 to €14.90 euros.