Dead woman’s body found in Paris bin

Dead woman's body found in Paris bin
File photo: Jean-louis Zimmermann/Flickr
A man has been taken into custody after police discovered a dead woman's body in a bin in Paris.
The body of the 37-year-old woman was found in a Paris dumpster in a residential building on Thursday. 
Her live-in partner, a 34 year-old man who was known to the police, has been placed in custody, Le Parisien reported
The building where the body was found is located on Square Delambre, a small street in the 14th arrondissement of the French capital (see map below).
When police arrived at the scene, the man was “with a two year-old child and seemed drunk,” a police source said. 
The street in Paris where the woman was discovered. Google Maps 
The victim's sister contacted police after growing concerned over a lack of contact from her relative since July 13th. 
“I saw a woman that afternoon,” Gyslaine, a resident of the building told Le Parisien. “She asked me if I'd seen the man living on the 6th floor with a two year-old. She was looking for him. She seemed distressed.”
When police arrived, the building manager said that “a bin had been missing for several days,” a source close to the case said. 
“The police went into the building's cellar and discovered the bin. The body had been there for several days. The smell was terrible,” the source continued.
Police officers stopped traffic on the road and a security area was set up in the building. By Thursday evening, police were still at the crime scene but had allowed a few residents to return to their homes in small groups.  
“We had to show our identity papers and show that we lived there,” said one resident. “I crossed the hall quickly. There was a white sheet on the floor. I turned my head.”