France set for more weekend traffic misery

France set for more weekend traffic misery
Photo: AFP
Motorists in France look set for a miserable day of traffic with droves of holidaymakers expected to hit the roads.
The roads will be packed over the coming weekend with France's traffic info service Bison Futé advising motorists to avoid travelling from 3pm Friday afternoon and the whole of Saturday, when tens of thousands of holidaymakers will head out of cities towards the coast or countryside.
The service has classed traffic across the whole of France on Saturday as red – the second highest level before black – meaning travelling on roads out of all major French cities will be “very difficult”.
Image: Bison Fute
Roads are expected to be jam-packed from 7am-7pm on Saturday with the service advising that the ideal time to travel is Sunday.
Particularly difficult traffic is expected on the A6 – also dubbed “motorway of the sun” – especially from the city of Auxerre in the Burgundy area in east central France towards Lyon and Paris. 
The traffic service has already released its forecast for the summer months and included a list of days when driving really should be avoided.
Certain days in the summer, notably the famous crossover on Saturday July 29 – when July holiday makers return home and those who go away in August take to the roads – have been classed black. CLICK HERE for more information on the days to avoid.