Everything that changes in France from July 2017

Everything that changes in France from July 2017
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As usual the start of a new month in France heralds some minor but potentially significant changes that could affect you.

Anti-pollution stickers 

Drivers in parts of France also now face €68 fines if they don't display their “CritAir” anti-pollution sticker on their cars (see below).
But for the moment at least, the stickers are only obligatory in Paris and most of the French capital's surrounding suburbs, Lyon and Villeurbanne in central France and Grenoble in the south east.
Drivers in parts of France now face €68 fines if they don't have this car sticker
Photo: AFP
Unemployment benefits

Anyone who is claiming the “Chomage” (unemployment benefit) in France is going to benefit from an ever so slight rise in July.

The rate will rise by 0.65 percent – hardly enough to allow to go on a spending spree in the summer sales, but a rise none the less.

According to reports, some 94 percent of those who receive the chomage will benefit from the raise, or in other words some 2.5 million people.

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Simplified pensions

For those who have paid into multiple pensions in France, or “polypensions” then things may get a little simpler. Basically, in future those who have paid into several schemes can claim their pension in one via the last body you paid into rather than claim through each one individually.

It only applies to people born after January 1st 1953.

Price rise for specialist doctors

From July 1st the price of a basic consultation with a “médecin specialist” in France will rise to a minimum €30. To see a psychiatrist the minimum charge will now be €39 and for a cardiologist it will be €47.73.

Noise insulation

Owners of homes exposed to noise pollution from roads, airports or railway lines who want to carry out major renovations – replacing roofs or facades –  must now incorporate some form of sound insulation.

The rule doesn’t apply to historic listed buildings if it meant the character of those buildings would be altered.

Electricity and gas diagnostics for rentals

Landlords renting out properties dating back to before 1975 will have to provide their tenants with diagnostics concerning the state of both the electrical and gas installations.

Number plates

From July all motorbikes, scooters and pretty much any two or three-wheeled vehicles should have the same kind and sized number plate.

The plates should measure 210mm by 310mm whereas previously there were a number of different sizes depending on the vehicle. Anyone without one of that size could be subject to a fine of €135.

Photo: Carlos ZGZ/Flickr

Gas prices

As usual the start of a new month signals a slight change in gas prices in France. This time they are going down slightly. The prices for those supplied by provider Engie could fall by as much as 3.5 percent depending on how much gas households use (heating and water).


The original contained a list of driving offences that had were reported in the French media as coming into force on July 1st. The Ministry of Interior has since denied these offences, such as searching in the glove compartment, playing music too loud or eating at the wheel are new.

The law simply states the driver must be in control of the wheel at all times.



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