Paris unveils new bus network map for first time in 70 years

Paris unveils new bus network map for first time in 70 years
Photo: Ile de France Molbilites/YIsRis/Flickr
The Paris bus routes are being updated for the first time in nearly 70 years with the aim of better linking the French capital to its surrounding suburbs. The update includes four new bus lines.
Paris regional transport authority has revealed the new and updated bus routes planned for the French capital and its neighbouring suburbs that are set to be in place by the end of 2018.
The four additional bus routes and the more than 50 that will be modified, mark the first update to the Paris bus routes in nearly 70 years.
Aiming to create better links between Paris and its surrounding suburbs, the transport network will create four new lines (45/59/71/77) and update 57 existing ones, meaning that nearly 65 percent of the current routes will change. 
Line 45 is set to connect Concorde (8th) to Aubervilliers/Saint-Denis to the northeast of the city. Line 59 will transport people from place d'Italie (13th) to Clamart in the southwestern suburbs, while line 71 will travel between porte de la Villette (19th) to the François-Mitterrand library in the capital's 13th arrondissement. 
Finally, buses on route 77 will travel between Gare de Lyon (12th) and Joinville-le-Pont in the southeastern suburbs of the capital. 
Among the 23 lines that run between Paris and the suburbs some six have been modified and four have been extended.
Photo: Screengrab/ Grand Paris des bus
At the moment, Paris has nearly 90 bus routes which haven't been changed since 1950. 
In order to make sure the changes benefit the people using the buses, the network asked Parisians for their opinion on the proposed updates before confirming the new map. 
Some 21 public meetings were held and over 1,800 opinions were given online.
According to the newly named Paris regional transport authority Ile-de-France Mobilités, formerly known as STIF: “the result is a simpler network, adapted to the real needs of  inhabitants, with new districts served in particular the east of Paris”.

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