Macron unveils official presidential portrait and French tweeters had a field day

French President Emmanuel Macron has revealed the official portrait in time-honoured tradition and as is the custom in the age of social media, French Twitter users have revealed their own slightly less presidential versions.

Macron unveils official presidential portrait and French tweeters had a field day
Photo: Elysée

In a sign of the times and demonstration of how modern and connected the French president is, Macron chose to unveil his official portrait on Thursday through the medium of Twitter.

Here it is below.

Much has been made of the fact Macron is posing in front of his desk, rather than in the gardens of the Elysée Palace or  the library, as is the tradition.

A sign he is ready for work, perhaps. With his hands firmly wrapped around the rim of the desk, we get another glimpse of those famous knuckles that had Donald Trump gasping “covfefe!” under his breath.

Plus the placement of his two mobile phones next to his right arm is being read as another hint that he is an ultra-modern French president.

And the open windows are likely less to do with the sweaty temperatures in Paris right now and more to do with Macron's desire to open France up to the world outside.

The portrait will be hung in all Town Halls and many other public buildings around France.

A brief video was also released by Macron's press team showing the president as the photo was taken.

But no sooner had Macron Tweeted it, than the French Twittersphere knuckled down and got to work producing their own versions, some of which are pretty good.

Here's a look at some of the best.












Macron to make live TV broadcast to France

French president Emmanuel Macron will make a live TV broadcast to the nation about the war in Ukraine.

Macron to make live TV broadcast to France

Macron will be on TV on Wednesday at 8pm, the Elysée confirmed earlier on Wednesday.

Macron also tweeted the announcement, saying that his speech will be on the subject of the war in Ukraine.

His office added that the president’s speech “will not touch on other matters” – Macron has only until Friday to confirm whether or not he is running for re-election.

It is widely considered to be extremely unlikely that he would not stand in the April elections, but all candidates have until Friday, March 4th, to make their declaration.

Macron’s team had previously announced a rally in Marseille on Saturday, March 5th, which was expected to be the first official campaign event, but on Tuesday this was cancelled because of the ongoing international crisis.

Macron was at the forefront of international efforts to find a diplomatic resolution to the crisis, and since Russia invaded Ukraine he has remained in close contact with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, and has also spoken – at the request of Zelensky – to Russian premier Vladimir Putin.

The Local will be following Macron’s speech live from 8pm HERE.