French police want to stop guarding Marine Le Pen’s home

French police want to stop guarding Marine Le Pen's home
Photo: AFP
French police have said they want to stop guarding the National Front leader's house due to "unacceptable working conditions".
French police trade union Alliance has denounced the “unacceptable working conditions” for the police tasked with guarding National Front leader Marine Le Pen's house in the Yvelines department to the west of Paris. 
Security has been in place outside the far-right leader's home for some 18 months and a police team remains in palce even when the far right leader is away.
“The work is carried out in unacceptable conditions. The police guard the house sometimes for eight hours straight without a break, without being able to go to the toilet, in a vehicle without air conditioning,” the union said.
“Last week, when temperatures in the car reached 45C, it was necessary to step in to get them an air-conditioned vehicle,” the representative from the union, Julien Le Cam told Le Parisien.
The trade union went on to say that surveillance at the house is preventing the possibility of reforming working hours at the police station and means the public road cannot be used.
Authorities in Yvelines have written to the Interior Minister who will take a decision on the matter. 
Le Pen has been the target of several attacks during her life, both as a child and during her political career. When she was a child there was a bomb attack at her family home, targeting her father Jean-Marie Le Pen.
The Le Pen home after a bomb targeting Jean-Marie Le Pen destroyed the outside wall. Photo: AFP 
During her 2017 presidential election campaign earlier this year, an arson attempt from an anti-racism group caused a small fire to break out at the National Front headquarters.