What changes about life in France from June 2017

What changes about life in France from June 2017
Photo: Mike/Flickr
The beginning of the month signals a new raft of changes in France, some may even leave you better off, if ever so slightly. Here's what you need to know.
Roaming charges within European Union to be abolished
From June 15, EU citizens won't be charged extra for calls, SMS messages or internet outside their home countries, when travelling in the EU.
That's great news for EU holidaymakers travelling to France this summer or indeed those who live in France who are heading home or on holiday to other EU countries.
The bain of existence for holidaymakers in the European Union will finally be gone for good, following an agreement between the European Parliament, member states and mobile phone operators. 
Unsurprisingly the scrapping of roaming charges has been highly anticipated since plans for the change was initiated ten years ago.
And now, finally the thousands who head over to France this summer can enjoy their time in the sun without fearing the horrible the bill at the end of it. 
As well as the 28 EU countries the roaming charges will also be dropped in European Economic Area countries — Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway — shortly after June 15th.
For full details for future prices of SMS, calls and internet use CLICK HERE.
ID needed for buying prepaid mobile phone sim cards
From June 7th anyone wishing to purchase a prepaid sim card for a mobile phone will need to show ID to do so.
Gas prices to stay the same  
After the price of gas was reduced by 3.3 percent on May 1st, the price will stay the same during June. 
Since January 2014, the price of gas in 5.8 million French households has reduced by an average of 16.2 percent. 
Further roll-out of work identity cards 
From June 1st the number of regions where the work identity cards, affecting people working in construction and public works projects (batiment et travaux publics), has been increased. 
Now, workers in the southern French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur and the Rhône-Alpes region in the south east need to have the professional identity cards that were introduced by the government last March. 
The cards were introduced to crack down on illegal workers and fraud.
Big business anti-corruption plan
From June 1st businesses with over 500 employees or a revenue greater than €100 million will have to put in place anti-corruption measures. 
This includes corruption prevention and detection measures as well as efforts against influence peddling.
Transport companies to provide gas emission stats
When it comes to renting cars, taxis and private hire cabs, transport companies now need to provide detailed information on the amount of pollutants, such as CO2 and methane, they emit.