Interactive map: Where in France the petrol stations are running dry

This interactive map allows you to look in detail at where in France petrol stations are either running low on fuel or are completely dry because of the fuel tanker strike.

Interactive map: Where in France the petrol stations are running dry
Photo: Screengrab Essence app

The map below has been created by the mobile phone app Essence, which is normally used by drivers to compare petrol prices at service stations.

It bases its data on information from users, who can flag up which petrol stations are either out of fuel or are running low. Over 10,000 drivers have reported shortages so far.

Owners of fuel stations can also signal shortages and Essence also uses any official data from the government to add to that given by drivers.

It's necessary pointing out that official figures from both the CGT union behind the strike by fuel tanker drivers and French petroleum industry chiefs UFIP are very different.

While the latest info on the Essence app suggests over 840 fuel stations are affected, with some 420 completely out of fuel, UFIP say over 100 are dry and the CGT puts the number at 180.

Nevertheless the interactive map below might prove useful to those driving through the Paris region, which is by far the worst affected part of France – some 76 percent of the fuel stations hit by shortages are in the Île-de-France region. 

You can click on the plus icon to zoom in and see what stations are running low in your area.

Those that are suffering from shortages but have fuel are coloured yellow while those that have completely run dry are orange.

Pierre Auclair, who founded the Essence app, told The Local the aim of the map was not to create panic and a rush to the pumps, but simply to inform people.

“There is no national fuel shortage crisis but locally drivers may find they have to queue or drive another 20km to find a petrol station with fuel,” Auclair said.




Drivers in France warned of steep hike in petrol prices

Motorists in France were warned on Monday that the price of petrol at the pump will rise steeply in the coming days and weeks. And there could be more bad news ahead.

Drivers in France warned of steep hike in petrol prices
Photo: AFP

Oil prices are expected to surge after the drone attacks on the Saudi oil instillations over the weekend.

The attack, which prompted the US president Donald Trump to warn that the US was “locked and loaded” and ready to respond, will push up the price of petrol at the pumps in France according to industry leaders.

The French Union of Petroleum Industries told AFP that the hike in oil prices will see petrol rise by 5 centimes a litre in the coming days and weeks.

“We can expect a quick rise of around 4 to 5 centimes,” said the union's leader Francis Duseux.

“Five centimes is a considerable rise, and that's without considering that it might rise even further, which is the most worrying thing for French people,” he said.

The drone attack has reportedly resulted in a 6 percent drop in global oil production.

Petroleum industry chiefs say France is at least safe from suffering a rupture in supplies given that by law it has to have three months worth of reserve fuel stocks.

“In the case that the supply of crude oil becomes a little more difficult, I don't think it would be a problem tenable French drivers to fill their tanks at service stations,” said Duseux.