IN PICS: Just one day after Emmanuel Macron’s election and Paris holds its first protest

Less than 24 hours after being elected the new president of France Emmanuel Macron faced his first street protests organised by trade unions.

The protest was organised under the name of the “Social Front” which had already staged protests before the second round to show their anger over the choice of candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

Images broadcast from the demo showed tense scenes as baton-wielding riot police pushed back protesters. 




Previous protests against the results of the French election have descended into violent clashes with police, notably the one on May Day when hooded youths belonging to Black Block anarchist group threw petrol bombs at officers.

Monday’s meeting had been called by the CGT union, not long after the news was announced on Sunday night that the pro-free market, pro-globalisation candidate Emmanuel Macron had been elected France's president with 66 percent of the vote.

Organisers had urged people “to take part in the first social mobilisation of Macron’s term in office.”


A banner reads: “Social front, it is in the street that it can be won” 

“Very few people voted for Macron out of conviction,” a protester named Michael Adam, 25 told Le Monde. “We are here to show that we will not lie down.”

The CGT and other leftist unions have called on Macron to overturn last year’s controversial labour reforms.


But the president elect has refused to bow to their pressure and is promising to pass more reforms by decree in order to free up the labour market and reduce the grip of the unions.

The CGT’s Michael Wamen said: “He is no an elected president, he is like a president-CEO.”

One banner read: “Macron we will have you skin” (On aura ta peau)



The protests are likely a sign of what is to come for Macron as the president knows that any change to labour laws in France can be guaranteed to bring unions out onto the streets.