In Pictures: What would Marine Le Pen’s ‘1950’s’ France look like?

Whether it's intended as insult or praise many say Le Pen's policies hark back to a vision of France's past, and she's often accused of wanting to take France back to the 1950s. So what would that look like?

In Pictures: What would Marine Le Pen's '1950's' France look like?
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Upping the birth rate among French nationals

Le Pen plans to reinstate the baby boom days when France's streets were filled with prams.

Although France has a relatively high birth rate compared to other European countries, the policy of promoting the birth rate among French nationals is designed to “reduce the need for foreign workers”, 

Marriage between a man and woman

Le Pen wants to return to the days marriages were only between men and women.

Le Pen has pledged to abolish same sex marriage law passed by the current Socialist government in 2013. At number 87 of her list of 144 electoral pledges, Le Pen promises to “replace” gay mariage with “improved” civil partnerships.

Her party has historically had strong ties with the anti-LGBT lobbies. 

Returning to the franc

Photo: AFP and titimaster/ Wikimedia

Le Pen wants to leave the euro and return to a “new French franc” as it is likely to be called.

Brigitte Bardot

Talking to CBS news in New York on the subject of the Islamic veil, Le Pen said “France is not a burkini on a beach, France is Brigitte Bardot.”

In other words she wants women in bikinis on beaches.


Le Pen plans to nationalise France's motorways and has spoken of nationalising the bank of France in order to print more of the currency. 
Speaking eating and living French 
“In order to merit French nationality, you must speak French, eat French and live French,” says Le Pen. 
Drinking wine when when you feel like it
“In France, we drink wine if we feel like it,” says Le Pen. (Even those against her can't really argue with that).
She wants national borders restored.
She also wants nativity scenes in public buildings
Photo: Guilhem Vellut/ Wikimedia
Take down the European flag and fly the French flag on all public buildings
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By Rose Trigg