Paris woman declared dead by paramedics… then brought back to life by police

A woman has miraculously been revived by Paris police officers... an hour after she was declared dead by paramedics, according to reports on Wednesday.

Paris woman declared dead by paramedics... then brought back to life by police
Photo: AFP
Paramedics from the Salpetriere hospital in Paris were quick to the scene when a woman collapsed at home in the 8th arrondissement on Thursday. 
The woman, who suffers from anorexia, had apparently had a heart attack, prompting her daughter to call emergency services for help. 
But when they arrived, they were unable to revive the woman and officially declared her dead at 6.10pm.
They even signed her death certificate. 
An hour later, police officers arrived on the scene and began to write a report into the cause of death, a source told Le Parisien newspaper.
Upon lifting the blanket that was covering the “corpse”, the two officers noticed that there was some kind of movement in the 49-year-old woman's stomach. 
The police then took the woman's pulse and found that her heart was still beating. They immediately began trying to resuscitate the woman. 
After half an hour of CPR, the woman was breathing again and she was quickly transported to Necker hospital, where she is reportedly still recovering. 
The local police commissioner has called for the two officers to be honoured with a bravery and devotion award.