The 56 French villages where Marine Le Pen didn’t get a single vote

Despite coming second in the results, there are a few places in France where Marine Le Pen didn't manage to impress a single inhabitant - 56 places in fact.

The 56 French villages where Marine Le Pen didn't get a single vote
Bonnal in eastern France, where none of the 22 voters picked Le Pen. Photo: TracksonWax/Wikimedia

The map below shows a zoomed out version of the map (so not all 56 points may be fully visible) displaying the villages, all under 100 inhabitants strong, where not a single box was ticked on the ballot paper for Le Pen.

It shows two clear clusters of non-Le Pen voting villages, one large group in the south-west, and another tightly packed group of FN-shunners between Grenoble and Marseille.

The rest are spread across the east and north, creating a crescent of Le Pen no-go zones.

Photo: France info

So who was their preferred candidate instead?

The difference between the clusters is that while the villages in the south and Corsica largely picked Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Emmanuel Macron over Le Pen, many of the villages to the north and east chose rival right-wing candidate François Fillon. 

All five of the villages in the north of France chose Fillon, the largest being Saint-Valery, a commune of 58 voters on the Somme bay, and the smallest being Canteleux, a hamlet of just 13 voters.

One of the smallest villages in the southern clusters, Cabous in south-west France, only had 16 people signed up to vote, of which the biggest group voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon. One of the biggest villages was Samaran, with 72 voters situated between Toulouse and Pau, which shunned Le Pen in favour of Macron.

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None of the villages were found in Le Pen's stronghold of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region, where her father Jean-Marie Le Pen built up support in the 1970's. But there were some Le Pen voter free villages in France's far north, another National Front key area.

Here's a map of how all the communes in France voted. Though you'll need a magnifying glass to spot your commune.

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By Rose Trigg