Revealed: The French cities where the locals are most likely to cheat on their lovers

A French site for extramarital affairs has mined through its user statistics to reveal the most promiscuous cities across France.

Revealed: The French cities where the locals are most likely to cheat on their lovers
The website Gleeden worked out the “infidelity rate” of each city from their French user base of over two million. To calculate the rate they counted the ratio of the cities’ populations compared to the number of people there hopping between beds.
It is perhaps unsurprising that Paris came out top, with 18 percent of Parisians spending nights away from home, four percent more than in 2015. Lille and Bordeaux tailed the capital with an infidelity rate of 17 and 16 percent respectively. 
Rounding out the top five were Versailles and Melun, a town to the south of Paris (see the full top ten to the right).  
Next up was Rouen to the north at 15 percent, Lyon in central France, Nancy to the west, and Metz in the north east – all at 13.6 percent, with Evry near Paris finishing tenth with 11.5 percent. 
“This ranking shows that infidelity is still easier in big cities: more meetings, easier meetings, more discreet and therefore… less risk! But be careful, the small towns of France are not free of infidelity either,” the company said. 
The French don’t exactly have a reputation as the most loyal spouses. In 2014 the French and Italians trumped all other European citizens as the most likely to have an affair. Over one in two men – 55 percent – of French and Italian origin admitted to cheating on their partners and the same goes for one in three women.
But the French by far surpass the infidelity of other Europeans when it comes to their blasé attitude towards cheating.
According to a 2014 European infidelity poll, one in three (35 percent) of the French concede they would have an affair on the condition that they would get away with it. The Italians were more reluctant to cheat with only 28 percent admitting that they would do it. This compares to 25 percent of Brits surveyed and 31 percent of Germans.
French tolerance for infidelity appeared again when a French court ruled that promoting extra-marital affairs is within the law. The ruling came after a French Catholics association attempted to sue the publishers of Gleeden for advertising their services for those hoping to cheat on their partners.
But whether the French are less faithful to their partners than other nationalities is uncertain. 
“There’s some mythology here. I don’t think they are more or less unfaithful than anywhere else,” Noel Biderman, the founder of another extramarital affairs website, Ashley Madison, told The Local in the past
And it seems that the French aren’t proud of any affairs they do have. 
“The French are like people everywhere in that they don’t want their partner to discover the fact they are having an affair. They try to keep their affairs secret the way the Americans or British do,” Biderman said. 
By Blyth Brentnall

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Riviera poker cheat used infra-red contact lenses

A court near the glamorous French Riviera city of Cannes this week handed a jail term to a daring and sophisticated poker cheat, who used infra-red contact lenses to count cards marked with invisible ink in a scam described as "the first of its kind in Europe."

Riviera poker cheat used infra-red contact lenses
A French court convicted self-styled "cheat of international renown" Stefano Ampollini, for using infra-red contacts to cheat a Cannes casino. Photo: GambleRomaniaCheats/Youtube

A court in the southern town of Grasse this week convicted an Italian stud poker player, who described himself as “a cheat of international renown,” for using infra-red contact lenses to count cards at a casino in the chic Côte d'Azur resort of Cannes.

The elaborate and daring strategy impressed even the presiding judge, who called it “the first of its kind in Europe,” and “a combination of old techniques and high-end technology,” according to French daily Direct Matin.

The court heard how Stefano Ampollini, 56, took to the “Les Princes” casino in the Mediterranean city of Cannes in August 2011, armed with some invisible ink, and a set of infra-red contact lenses purchased online from China for €2,000.

Standing across from him at a stud poker table was a secret accomplice, who sniffed or snorted or sneezed at opportune moments, allowing Ampollini to know which cards to mark with invisible ink.

Watching everything through his contacts, the hi-tech shark was then able to keep track of the game, while his opponents looked on in bemusement and frustration.

A still image shows cards visible to the naked eye (left), and cards marked with invisible ink, seen through infra-red contact lenses (right). Photo: Cheng Fan/Youtube

On that occasion, Ampollini and his partner in crime walked away with €70,000 between them, and when the Italian returned alone two months later, he won €21,000 for himself, but was then arrested by police as he left the casino.

It’s not clear how exactly casino management got wind of Ampollini’s scheme, although in a similar case in Las Vegas last week, a suspect was seen on CCTV, “dipping” his fingers under the poker table, and pressing them into certain cards – an action consistent with marking the cards with invisible ink.

Ampollini smiled as presiding judge Marc Joando marvelled at the ingenuity of his infra-red contacts racket, according to Direct Matin.

For all his cunning, however, the court didn’t hesitate on Wednesday to slap Ampollini with a two-year prison sentence, and €100,000 fine.

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